All children are curious about the world around them and how things work. At The Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation we aim to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration to prepare them for a world where skills in science, technology, engineering and maths are increasingly important. We provide a wealth of opportunities for pupils to engage in practical investigation making links between science, maths, technology and developing engineering skills. This helps to encourage critical and creative thinking and makes the acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant and interesting.

At times we try to integrate the STEM subjects, encouraging children to think independently and find solutions to problems. We follow the maths mastery approach, allowing pupils to develop mathematical fluency solving problems by reasoning rather than resorting to rote learning and memorising procedures. In science, pupils study a varied curriculum and learn to develop their practical investigative skills by making predictions, planning and carrying out experiments; selecting and using appropriate materials; calibrating accurately; observing and recording methodically; communicating discoveries and critically evaluating their results. Children consider issues which affect their own lives, and the lives of others.

The school recognises the importance of encouraging children to be aware of the outside world. It is an integral part of our curriculum vision.  Many of our schools have their own allotments and wildlife area. Kettlewell has an established woodland which we use.

Past Projects

Formula 1 project (Y5/6) designing and creating a model F1 car and test driving it at the annual F1 competition at Upper Wharfedale School.

Building bridges (KS2) designing and creating a bridge to hold a specific weight.

Lighthouses (KS2) designing and creating a lighthouse.

Picnic blanket (Ks1) designing and creating a collaborative picnic blanket – exploring different ways to alter textiles.