Shine award

Class 2 – Sylvan

23 October 2021

Class 2: Sylvan – because both Mrs Webster and Mrs Cumberland have noticed just how quickly Sylvan has grown up since entering Class 2. He has listened to feedback and acted on it, he is ready to learn, is eager to learn and is making fantastic progress! Keep up the good work Sylvan

Class 1 – Jack

23 October 2021

Class 1: Jack – you are our shining star this week for always being positive towards learning. You always start off the day with a smile and are very helpful towards others, especially during tidy up time (when Miss Smith and the rest of the class need all the help they can get!) Thank you for being…

Reception – Finnan

15 October 2021

For showing a love of singing and performing.

Reception – Isla

1 October 2021

For trying her hardest with the formation of the number 3

Class 2: Tommy

10 July 2021

Tommy for shining in team tasks! His ability as a leader has progressed rapidly recently and he has shown determination and perseverance in tough group tasks this week!

Class 1 : Etta

10 July 2021

Etta is our Shining Star this week for super independent writing – using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! Your confidence has blossomed all year and you are so kind and caring. I know you’ll be a brilliant role model for our new Reception children next year!

Class 2 – Riley

28 May 2021

Riley was our Shine Award recipient for this week for listening well in class which enabled him to make great progress with his pie charts and English Non-chronological report writing.  

Class 1 – Archie

28 May 2021

Archie received the shine award for listening well to Mrs Maclean and Mrs Webster and answering questions by making links between the projects he was learning about during our ‘Global Mindedness Week.’

Class 2: Jamie

14 May 2021

Class 2: Jamie – who has taken real responsibility for his learning this week. He knew he had to finish his Newspaper article on the lighthouse and just kept coming to ask if he could finish it. He was really committed to doing a good job and handed in a great piece of journalism in the…

Class 1: Archie

14 May 2021

Class 1:  Archie has completely wowed us all with his final piece of writing! He really listens, concentrates and perseveres. Archie used his personalised target mat and produced work that he should be very proud of! 

Class 2 Bethany

23 April 2021

For producing a beautiful poem for her Sapling Diary and for really improving the amount of feedback she gives me about her learning- this shows a maturing learner who knows that this makes it easier for me to target her learning needs.


23 April 2021

For his enthusiastic attitude towards reading, you are concentrating well and making lots of progress.