Our aim is sustain and develop a good or outstanding experience of primary education for our young people in the communities in which they reside.

The Federation shares its vision statement and aims and values across all four schools. The nurturing ethos and exciting curriculum allows us to enhance learning opportunities for our children.

We share our staff expertise across the four schools enabling a wide range of knowledge and experience to be used creatively.

The school staff work closely together supporting each other with curriculum areas and assessments. They plan joint learning events for the children where they can form a wider circle of friends in an enriched environment.


There is one Governing Board for the whole Federation which oversees the work of all four schools.

The Governing Board, as a whole, meets regularly throughout the year, in addition to the meetings of its various subcommittees. All Governors are also linked to aspects of the Federation Development Plan through agreed key lines of enquiry which are monitored regularly in terms of intent, implementation and impact.

As part of our role, we also agree the principles guiding Federation and School policies and actively monitor and evaluate how the policy framework is applied within the Federation and individual Schools. We also have responsibility for reviewing and approving the schools’ budgets to ensure financial sustainability, probity and value for money and we monitor progress against this throughout the year. The Governing Board, as a whole, meets regularly throughout the year.

In order to discharge their duties effectively the Governing Board has a range of skills. These include experience and expertise in Financial and Business Management, Teaching and Learning, School Leadership, Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Premises Management and Performance Management.

Anne Vetch, Chair of Governing Board

Vision statement

The Core purposes of the Governing Body are stated below:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding the Headteachers to account for the educational performance of the schools and their pupils.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the schools and making sure money is well spent.
  • Developing and maintaining the distinctive ethos of our three Church schools.

We have done this primarily by;

living the vision of “Being the light”

Our major aims for the forthcoming year 2022-23 are as follows:

  • Monitoring, with the EHTs and subject leaders, the work of pupils in the classroom.
  • Scrutinising the work done by pupils.
  • Examining and challenging internal and external performance and progress data.
  • Ensuring the judgements of staff and the Headteacher are in line with local and national standards through Local Authority validation, OFSTED and the Diocese.
  • Ensuring that the individual needs of pupils are met through appropriate interventions.
  • Judicious financial planning.

The detailed work we do in our working groups and in the Governing Body meetings revolves around the Federation Development Plan. This details our priorities for the academic year and we work on these with the Executive Headteacher, Local Authority, Diocese and all staff.

In addition, we must fulfil our statutory responsibilities in the areas of;

  • Financial Management
  • Safeguarding
  • Performance Management of the Headteachers
  • Health and Safety
  • Reviewing and updating statutory policies
  • Monitoring the effectiveness and impact of pupil premium, sports premium and catch-up funding

Governors have undertaken a variety of training including Local Authority Networks, OFSTED preparation, School Improvement, Safeguarding, Finance, Complaints, Data, Distinctive Ethos, SIAMS new framework, Leadership in Action – Beyond the measurable, Introduction to Governance, GDPR, Special Needs, Federation networks.

Our major aims for the forthcoming year 2022-23 are as follows;

  1. To continue to provide support for our staff and children as they continue to work in the challenging circumstances brought about by the Pandemic and its results.
  2. To maintain and develop a sustaining and nurturing ethos
  3. To work with our two Co-Heads on moving the Federation forward in terms of curriculum, teaching and learning and finance.
  4. To continue to ensure that teaching and learning are at least consistently good and work towards their becoming outstanding for all pupils.
  5. To continue to plan for a sustainable future.
  6. To work effectively to implement the school development plan within the Federation.

Who we are

The Federation has one Governing Body which consists of two elected Parent Governors, one elected Staff Governor, one Local Authority Governor, the Executive Head teacher(s) ( one vote), and four Foundation Governors. In addition, three Co-opted Governors positions are appointed to the Board filled following a skills audit analysis: this ensures a balance and inclusion of necessary skills.

The Governing Board is made up of two elected Parent Governors, Mrs Harriet Wills and Mrs Katy Mason, the Executive Co-Headteachers, Mrs. Greenwood and Mr Parkhouse. The elected Staff Governor is Miss Wendy Thompson. The LA Governor is Mrs Anne Vetch. One of our three Co-opted Governor roles is held by Mr Ric Festorazzi and we are carrying two vacancies. The four Foundation Governors are Mrs Maggie Maclellan, Mrs Brenda Williams, Mr Kester Horn and Rev’d David Macha.

We have three Associate Governors, Mrs Siobhan Tywang, Mr Peter Vernon and Mrs Nicky White.

The Governing Board has a duty to report on attendance by Governors at meetings and to publish all Declarations of Interest, including relationships to members of staff, etc. A number of the governors held posts on the predecessor Governing Bodies.

The Governing Board of the Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation aims to meet six times a year.

All Governors are also linked to aspects of our current School Development Plan, and to curriculum areas which they monitor through visits to school and discussion with staff.


The Governing Board meets every half term for a full governing board meeting and the finance committee meets termly. Other committees meet as required.

Copies of the agenda and minutes are available on application to the clerk: she can be contacted through any of the schools offices.

For information about how to contact members of the Federation’s Governing Board, please email