In the Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation we understand that for children to reach their full potential it is vital that wellbeing is at the forefront of our curriculum. In a modern world where social media and peer pressure provides unprecedented challenges for our young people we know that knowledge is power and so our PHSE and SRE curriculum is designed to prepare our children for the future in a happy, safe and supportive environment.

Our curriculum provides rich and varied opportunities for children develop personally and socially throughout their time with us. Moral, social and cultural issues are tackled in an age appropriate way to help our children build an awareness of the world around them. We teach the children about money and finance and help them become good citizens through the teaching of rights and responsibilities. We help the children build good relationships with their peers and help to foster an understanding of differences and how these can be celebrated. We look at how to maintain good mental health along with providing strategies for coping with the challenges which growing up inevitably brings. Our children are encouraged to ask questions and to explore their own and other people’s feelings and emotions.

To ensure that the curriculum is varied we provide weekly teaching sessions alongside weaving aspects of PHSE throughout other curriculum areas. The children also have opportunities to learn about PHSE and SRE from outside agencies including the NSPCC, Life Bus and Crucial Crew.

Our PSHE and SRE leader is Mrs Mcgee.

PSHE subject overview EYFS KS1
PSHE subject overview Y3 and 4
PSHE subject overview Year 5 and 6


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