Here at the Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation we aim to develop a passion and curiosity for the wider world through our teaching of French.  We encourage a positive attitude to foreign language learning and to other cultures and countries in general.  The benefits of learning a foreign language are indisputable and immense.  Below are just a few:
  • Learning a new language improves your memory.
  • Knowing other languages encourages respect and appreciation of other people and cultures
  • It improves communication skills and reinforces the knowledge of our own language
  • It boosts problem-solving, critical thinking, concentration and listening skills
  • It has a positive effect on confidence and allows you to connect with foreign speakers
  • It can advance your career and impacts positively on all other subject areas throughout schooling
  • It encourages travel and broadening of the mind


We aim to make learning French a positive and enjoyable experience to equip our pupils with the practical skills to enhance their future lives and careers.  Pupils are taught French at UWPF for four years throughout Key Stage 2.  The emphasis on each of the four key skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking varies within each year group.  In year 3 pupils are introduced to the subject through stories, rhymes and songs.  Pupils explore patterns and sounds of language through listening and repetition to become familiar with words and phrases.
As the pupils move up through Key Stage 2, more emphasis is placed on reading and writing skills in the foreign language.  This encourages them to develop an understanding of basic grammar and language patterns, allowing them the skills to build their confidence and subject knowledge.  The pupils are encouraged to ask and answer questions in French and start building their own sentences.  All four aspects of language learning (listening, reading, writing, speaking) are covered within each lesson, with emphasis on relevant and activity-based tasks.  The children are encouraged to participate individually, in pairs, groups and whole class activities to develop their knowledge and confidence in a safe, fun and supported learning environment.
Throughout each year stage, we ensure that lessons are relevant, interactive and fun, with the ultimate aim of instilling a love of languages and a curiosity to go out and explore the wider world.
Our French lessons are taught by our French specialist teacher, Madame Maclean.