Our Aims and Visions

Within the Christian environment of our Church of England School, it is our aim, in partnership with parents, the Governors and staff, to help our children:

  • To enjoy learning and to become independent, self-disciplined and self-motivated and to achieve their full potential;
  • To develop lively, enquiring and creative minds;
  • To acquire knowledge, skills and training relevant to their own lives which will take them forward into adult life and employment in a rapidly changing world;
  • To develop, recognise and value a sense of right and wrong;
  • To develop an awareness of their place in society and their roles as global citizens;
  • To develop and act upon a personal set of values, beliefs and attitudes, rooted in our own Christian Values, and to gain an understanding of and respect for the opinions of others, regardless of race, religion, way of life or point of view.

Our vision for the school is that:

  • We will continue to build upon our high standards and aspiring to achieve excellence through teamwork in education for all, developing the potential of all members of our learning community;
  • We will have developed our curriculum, including use of new technologies and opportunities, ensuring excellence of teaching and enjoyment in learning for the 21st century;
  • We will have developed and maximised the potential of our indoor and outdoor environments, reducing our environmental impact;
  • We will have maintained an outstanding level of distinctiveness and effectiveness as a church school.

Our Christian Values: promoted by all, in everything we do.

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Special Education Needs SEND REPORT
Our policy for special educational needs operates in accordance with the Code of Practice
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